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IT Consultancy

Move in the right direction with expert advice.

Karman Infotech offers a wide range of solutions designed to help small & mid-size businesses develop and implement effective strategies that keep business moving in the right direction. We understand the need of consultancy & our experts are always ready to design customized solutions as per your requirements.


Website Design & Development

Be a Star in the digital sky & Win your customers.

These days a Website is not just set of pages on the internet. Being present in the era of Smarphones, Tablets, Phablets, etc., information is always requested 'Instantly or On the go'. Your website should be designed and developed not just for the PC but also these modern devices. It should be intelligent enough to present information based on factors such


Software Licensing Solutions

Get the right program for your need!

Software is an intellectual property and buying a software license provides the legal right to install, use, access, display, run, or otherwise interact with the software program. Software use rights are governed by the terms of the software license and these rights are detailed in the license agreements by their respective developers/makers. 


Internet & Telephony Services
Choose the right technology & partner

With changing technology and newer ways to communicate and it becomes important to have the right technology which could give higher return on investments with minimum investments. For example, Voice over IP (VoIP) could save a lot of money but to ensure effective imiplementation the right kind of internet connectivity its configuration with your setup is required.

Infrastructure Management

Reduce OPEX & ensure zero downtime!

Due to the changing technology, IT & Infrastructure management has become an essential part of a business. These days the focus of the business is on how can we leverage IT for business growth & innovation? The big question for a businessman is that “Are they prepared for the downtime and how fast it can be

Structured Cabling & Networking

Bring simplycity in complexity!

When computer networks were first designed, future expansion or upgrading needs were not proposed or projected. The networks were small, often as few as two or three computers and a printer connected together in the same office. Equipment was cabled together in a somewhat haphazard manner and networks that went beyond single-site.

Our Partners

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